Dressing and dyeing fur to order

If you have a wonderful taste and are a worthy connoisseur of beauty and luxury, welcome to the site of the company "Alliance - fur."

The company "Alliance - fur" refers to the young companies, but already declared themselves as a reliable partner in the fur business of Ukraine. In a rather short time of our existence, since April 2004, sufficient experience has been gained and optimal schemes of processing and dyeing fur have been worked out, followed by the production of products, stable business ties have been established with large foreign fur farms, which makes it possible to engage in direct supplies of raw materials for domestic production and under the order.

We will welcome you and will gladly fulfill your wishes, consider each order individually.


We produce dressing, cutting, ironing various types of natural fur on the existing equipment, and the most priority are: arctic fox, mink, silver fox, frost, raccoon.

Cooperation with well-known companies leading in the manufacture of high-quality chemical materials such as Dommen (Germany) and Lowenstein (USA), the use of high modern eco-friendly technologies allowed us to reduce labor intensity and improve the quality of raw material, to achieve excellent results in which the fur has a durable and, at the same time, a soft, supple texture of leather and a beautiful, light, crumbly, with a live, dull hair shine.


Technologists of the “Alliance-Fur company” have developed over 500 recipes for color variations. Using the technology implemented by the American company Lowestein, our specialists can provide services:

  1. Dyeing with a color effect:
    • gold whitening “Gold”, obtained by bleaching the natural pigment of the hair, in the process of dressing, creating the effect of gilded fur;
    • optical bleaching is the process of preparing fur for various tints using optical brighteners;
    • blueness of different shades - “Blooming”;
    • rainforcing - enhancing the natural coloring of hair, in which the leather remains white, two-tone dyeing technology.
  2. Services using two-tone dyeing
    • “Briz ”- characterized by the difference in color of the base and tips of the hair;
    • blue and silver "Breeze" - a contrasting color, in which on all possible bright tones of the base of the hair go to the delicate blue or delicate silver color of the tips;
    • "Snow-top" - the effect of getting white tips.
  3. Drawing stencils with different options and degree of saturation of the pattern.


We accept orders for the supply and delivery of raw materials from world auctions, as well as from Ukrainian manufacturers


Tight cooperation with the manufacturers of outerwear allows us to serve orders for the manufacture and sale of finishing semi-finished products of various styles: collars, cuffs, edges, braid, etc.
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