about company

The Alliance-fur company exists since April, 2004. In a relatively short period, our team went a long way from the zero point to a stably functioning competitive manufacturing company. The guarantors of success were correctly taken benchmarks for the best, avant-garde.

Having studied the large-scale information field of the fur industry and having riddled the near and far abroad, the young, energetic and purposeful management of the company chose the direction most acceptable to us in the manufacture and processing of fur. Given the geographical location and location in the political and economic space of time, adhering to the old traditional methods, a bold decision was made to introduce new progressive technologies, mutually promoted by foreign colleagues from China, Poland, Finland, Italy and Turkey. At the same time, highly qualified specialists of our company have developed their fundamentally new technological methods, purchasing the best, selected raw materials at world auctions, using high-quality basic and auxiliary materials and dyes from domestic (Ukraine, Russia) and foreign manufacturers (USA, Germany, India), established in as soon as possible

Experiments in which professional knowledge and intuition prevailed over a certain risk were crowned with victory. Now, we are recognized as worthy and reliable partners by reputable manufacturers of light industry from almost all major cities of Ukraine and the near and far abroad. Such cooperation gave the development of a new activity - the manufacture of semi-finished products for outerwear, namely: collars, cuffs, edges, bands of various styles. In addition to this, we can take and place orders for the tailoring of outer clothing.

Life conditions dictate the need for constant movement and development, so our leading experts, led by the director, are frequent visitors to seminars, fairs, exhibitions and auctions organized by leading countries of the fur industry: Russia, Finland, Italy. Constantly following the development of fashion, studying and applying various kinds of innovations, the company expands the range of its activities.

It is interesting and useful to work with the Alliance-Fur company. The administration has developed a flexible pricing policy that considers and satisfies the economic opportunities and interests of each client individually, a system of discounts and privileged prices for regular and wholesale customers.

In addition to everything, each of our guests will find pleasant communication with the staff of our company. Here you will be welcomed and warmly greeted by a team of very responsible, young intellectuals with a high intellectual potential.