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Most of the raw material fox hunted. Like other wild animals, it is at risk. Since it is impossible to determine by the appearance of the raw materials how quickly it underwent the salting process and storage conditions.

Roughly speaking, they are divided into two types. Wild and auction. With the auction, as a rule, no problems. With the wild, there are many nuances. The first is the quality of salting (how much salt was used, whether it was immediately salted after removal). The second is the quality of the fur. If the fur in large sunsets there is a chance that after making the fur on the skin will be rare or even absent.

In order to avoid controversial issues after dressing, we recommend to stamp fox raw materials. In this case, you will know for sure that you are taking the goods that were given for dressing.

Terms of dressing of fox is 10 days.

Price of manufacture of one skin : 3.50 $

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выделка лисы


In nature, there are many varieties of foxes such as Corsac, Fenek, American, Afghan, Bengal, Tibetan, Red Fox, or Red Fox. The main differences between them are the natural color, size, and the quality of fur depends on the habitat of animals and the time of year. The fox looks like a fox, which is why many mistakenly fox is considered to be a fox family. In the people very often the names are given depending on the territory of habitat, for example, Kazakh or Sakhalin steppe.

They like to play with names in marketing, on some trading floors of Moscow and Kiev you can find names that cause a smile, for example, fox fur coats from Siberian red fox. Such names only confirm that in the fur industry, fox fur rightfully received royal status among wild animals. Despite its significantly low price, fox pelts are not inferior to fox in terms of heat resistance, their skin is as light and airy as a rabbit, and fox winter skins have rich, thick fur.

After dyeing in different colors, an inexperienced person can easily confuse fox fur in sewn products with more elite furs. Despite this, it is foolish to try to imitate fox fur under expensive furs. Products made using fox skins have some sort of magic charm and charm. In such large cities as Kiev and Moscow, they are highly valued and can often be found on elite catwalks, foxes, women's hats, sheepskin coats, sleeveless jackets, women's leather jackets, sewn with fox fur. Also fox skins are used in the clothing and footwear industry for finishing beautiful, high-quality products. Using fantasy and non-standard solutions using modern technologies of dressing and dyeing fox skins, one can sew products that will attract the eye and fascinate the buyer with their appearance. And after buying to warm the girls and women, give individuality making them irresistible for a long time.


You can buy ready-made skins of ordinary red and Canadian foxes in the Alyans-fur shop.

In the regions of Ukraine there are mainly inhabited by a variety of ordinary red fox. The raw materials of fox skins are hunted and are seasonal goods, since the hunting season lasts from October to February inclusive. Better raw materials begin to appear after the first frosts and snow fall, fox raw materials come to work with thick, completely faded, clean (without burrs) winter fur. You can buy raw freshly salted and dry fox skins from suppliers, it is advisable to pre-order the quantity and negotiate the price. Remember that raw materials should be richly treated with salt and should not emanate odors of decomposition. It is also impossible to buy frozen raw materials, firstly, to keep the skins raw in freezers or on the thirty-degree frost, the wrong decisions, and secondly, in a piece of ice it is impossible to catch the smell of spoiled skins.

Skins give an estimate of the appearance, thickness and purity of the fur, and the size, it is very difficult to assume the result after dressing. The fact is that as we remember the fox is a wild animal, and when sorting you do not know how it was mined, when it was taken off and how it was processed, how much the skin was rolled in the hunter’s trunk and where it was kept until it reached the collectors. For example, a fox was hit by a car, her carcass lay for a week on the side of the road, an enterprising hunter passed by with thoughts of what kind of disappeared he picked up and took off his skin, and then sold the unsuspecting procurer. Such a skin on dressing is not only that does not save hair, but can also adversely affect the party.

The fox also has a disease such as rubella, which also does not contribute to the preservation of the fur during the process of dressing. For these reasons, the raw materials of the fox in the dressing are referred to as a risk zone, the price for the finished skins of the fox may differ significantly from the raw materials. If you are interested in fox tails, pay attention to the fact that there is no cartilage in the tail, it gets right away when the skin is removed, it cannot be removed in the process of dressing, the tail will simply be cut off and thrown out.


So, you purchased fox raw materials at a bargain price. You have a question where to pass it to further processing. Immediately, we note that at home, with the availability of equipment and the use of quality substances, an acceptable result can be achieved in a small amount. If you have a large batch or you plan to sew high-quality products, then you need to look for factory production. First, it is not always possible to start a large batch to work immediately; premises are required for the preservation of hides. Secondly, as we know the raw material of the fox, it is in the risk zone and for the safety of the fur, compliance with technologies with the integrated use of antiseptics is required. Any savings can lead to sad results. Thirdly, if it is possible to decorate fox skins at home, then specialists with experience should be engaged in coloring.

The fact is that it is not so easy to cover the natural red color with color, for this you need experience in dyeing fox skins. At the factory of the company "Alyans-fur" they know all the subtleties of work in the dressing and processing of fox skins and can offer:

  1. Specially equipped with the support of the recommended temperature of the room for the safety of your goods and a guarantee of the quickest start to work.
  2. Dressing with strict adherence to the process, allows you to achieve airy, light fox pelts, which are suitable for sewing high-quality products. We do not save on antiseptics, we are fighting for the safety of the fur, even on the most hopeless hides. We are so fond of foxes' skins that we comb them even during wet operations, this allows us to avoid unnecessary sunsets during dry processing. We have the ability to perform special orders, making the fox skins completely intact with a muzzle cutting cartilage with ears and tail. Pay attention paying special order of the skin so that there is no cartilage in the tail, it is cut when the skin is removed, in the process of dressing it is impossible to do, the tail is thrown away.
  3. Industrial drying facilities allow you to give you the goods as quickly as possible.
  4. At your request, the dressing of nutria raw materials is carried out in stockings or in layers (cut through the stomach)..
  5. We do not mum skins by hands. Experienced specialists make airy leather fabric with special equipment while keeping it whole.
  6. The fur is being cleaned using solutions that leave no trace of fat.
  7. Our specialists will be able to dye fox skins in a wide range of colors in compliance with proven technologies. That allows you to effectively cover the red pigmentation and to achieve greater light resistance.
  8. Drawing of a picture of exotic animals, will give your skins individuality.

dressing fox

Paying fox raw materials for dressing and processing to the Alyans-fur factory, you get high-quality finished products from which you can make products that you will be proud of.