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There are certain rules in the slaughter and conservation of rabbit skins. It depends on the quality of the skin and the density of the fur after conservation. If you are a farmer who scored a rabbit himself without observing any rules, you should understand that we are not responsible for the quality of the dressed leather.

To achieve elastic leather fabric requires special equipment, which is present in the company "Alyans-fur".

It should be noted that the process of sorting raw materials from a rabbit is quite controversial. And only an experienced, responsible specialist with years of experience will be able to give a real assessment.

In order to avoid controversial issues after dressing, we recommend to stamp the rabbit. In this case, you will know for sure that you are taking the goods that were given for dressing.

The time of dressing of rabbit is 10 days.

Cost of manufacture of one skin : 1.00 $

the quality of our dressing

Выделка кролика


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выделка кролика


In nature, there is a wide variety of rabbit breeds. Depending on the production of all fur rabbits are divided into the skin, meat-skin, down and meat. In the fur industry, common types of meat and skin rabbits are often used, such as the white giant, the gray giant, the butterfly, the ermine, the black-brown and others, which are mostly different in color and size.

Due to its low price in relation to other types of fur, rabbit skins received the title of folk fur. From the rabbit skins make the edge for finishing products, sew hats, children's clothing, cut rabbit skins are very similar to velour or velvet. They are used for lining, sewing bags, as well as rabbit fur is widely used in the shoe industry. Yes, the raw rabbit is inexpensive. But "inexpensive" does not mean "bad." The low price of the rabbit lies in its breeding and maintenance.

The main advantage of rabbit skins is lightness and softness. Of course, in airiness and weightlessness, they are inferior to mink, and in softness they are slightly inferior to chinchilla. But in terms of its ability to keep warm, rabbit fur is not inferior to mink and sable. One of the most common erroneous opinions is that rabbit fur is not suitable for sewing quality products. Thanks to the development of professional technologies, which make it possible to achieve a unique quality of dressing, dyeing and processing of fur, we can more and more often see elegant, light and unusually beautiful rabbit fur products at catwalk shows and expensive boutiques. Rabbit fur is also used in combination of other, more elite types of fur, for example, such as mink, arctic fox, silver fox.


The production of a rabbit begins with the procurement of raw materials. The quality of raw materials will depend on the final result. In turn, the quality of raw materials depends on the care, feed, conditions and time of slaughter. For example, if the slaughter of a rabbit occurred during an active molt, then this raw material falls into the felt group and is not suitable for further development. So that the felt group does not get into further processing before dressing, the raw materials are sorted, where the raw materials are divided into varieties and evaluated. Experts conditionally divide the raw materials into four grades and felt.

  • 1 grade - a large skin of a crawl with thick fur without a trace of molting.
  • Grade 2 may be inferior in size to the first grade, but have a thick undercoat, or vice versa, be sized, but have less thick fur.
  • Grade 3 may have dotted traces of molting, or small ones on the sides, but at the same time have thick undercladies.
  • Grade 4contains traces of molting on the sides, liquid fur, while the guard hair on the back is intact.

The felt panel is visible to the naked eye. Ostichnaya hair has already fallen, most of the skin is covered with shedding, baked leather with the wrong preparation of raw materials, the whole skin in dried blood due to which it is impossible to determine the quality.

It should be noted that the process of sorting raw materials from a rabbit is quite controversial. And only an experienced, responsible specialist with years of experience will be able to give a real assessment. For better results, also when sorting, rabbit skins are divided into females and males. Males have a denser leather and require a different approach in the process of dressing. In the skins of the male there can be skins of its thickness not inferior to the beaver. Such skins are launched into the work separately and require an individual approach. If the thick skins of males run with a common batch, they will delay the process of tanning, and the thickness of the leather fabric will differ.


And finally, it happened, we became the proud owner of the party of rabbit raw materials. What to do next? Where to carry on dressing? In order to avoid controversial issues and accusations in the future, you should mark with a stamp (to glue) your rabbit skins. Thus, you will know for sure that you are taking the goods that you gave to work. On the Internet, a lot of ads from the masters who make at home. In the garage dressing order fulfillment may be much longer than promised. The quality of leather and hair will be questionable. Professionalism is a sign of constancy. Turning to artisanal masters, you become a participant in the lottery, because each new game will amaze you with its appearance. Before making a decision, you should know that the fur production is continuous, which is almost impossible to achieve at home. Of course, the choice is yours, but as practice shows, a person once having given his batch of raw materials to production, no longer returns to artisanal dressing. So what are the advantages of production capacity over artisanal dressing? Let's take a look at what Alyans-fur can offer you in the manufacture and processing of rabbit skins.

выделка кролика
  1. Direct cooperation with the American company "Lowenstein" and the German company "Dommen" gives us the opportunity to keep the low price of your rabbit skins after processing and processing, as well as to use advanced technologies in processing raw materials.
  2. Experienced professionals. Any good specialist is worried about the quality of his work, but the artisanal conditions do not give him the tools to get a result. Therefore, the best specialists come to the production facilities and unite in a single alliance to obtain the best results.
  3. Fleshing is done by hand on machines by professionals with work experience of more than 10 years. This allows you to remove the thickness and keep the rabbit skin intact, rather than cutting the raw material into pieces.
  4. The amount of equipment allows us to run large batches. Let me remind you that koleed, mole, is started up in dry raw material of the crawl. Quick start to work ensures the safety of the goods.
  5. Technologists monitor each stage of your party around the clock.
  6. Properly equipped production areas of dryers provide an opportunity to deliver products quickly in a specified time.
  7. Special equipment makes rabbit leather pelts soft and airy, and fur shiny and silky.

After your clean, dressed, elastic rabbit skins are delivered to the warehouse, you can order further processing from us:

  1. Haircut on professional industrial equipment.
  2. Bleaching will make the white skin of the crawl irresistible, snow-white.
  3. Coloring in any color and highlighting, the so-called snow frost effect (the effect of snowflakes on the tips of fur).
  4. Drawing allows to imitate types of exotic animals.
  5. Tailoring ofproducts. It's comfortable. You will need to come only two times. One - bring raw materials for manufacture. The second is to pick up the finished sewn product.

Experienced specialists of Alyans-fur, which, when dressing, dyeing and processing rabbit skins, use unique, advanced technologies on professional equipment, make it possible to produce exclusive, light, soft, strong and beautiful rabbit products that will warm any season.